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RELICT. A widow; as A B, relict of C D.

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Microsporidia, it turned out, were nowhere near being relicts.
Rediscovery of a relict southern population of lake chub, Couesius plumbeus, in Colorado.
Isolated, disjunct populations in northeastern Colorado, southwestern Nebraska, and northwestern and east-central Kansas were thought to be relict populations.
Yet in fact all sorts of people evaluate with their gaze what we have erected and come to their own conclusions about the relationship between relics and relicts.
The present findings indicate that some scree spiders in Central Europe could be regarded as relicts of former climatic periods ("glacial relicts").
abundant olivine macrocryst relicts as well as very fine matrix spinel.
A Comparison of Blackland Prairie Relicts in Misssissippi and Arkansas.
Moreover, some Michigan herpetological species are undoubtedly in the process of re-occupying new habitats (Holman 1992) while others have been left as relicts since the Middle Holocene warm, dry spell (hypsithermal event) was replaced by a cooler climate, especially the "Little Ice Age" that occurred only a few hundred years ago (Bernabo 1981; Kapp 1999; Holman et al.
However, numerous relicts of this early line and others can still be found on the landscape of Tuscumbia and Sheffield.
Brook's 1933 study, McSparran uses modern dialectology to isolate non-Southwest Midland dialect relicts in the poems as transcribed and to show how the relicts divide these works into various groups.