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A relief sculpture is raised from a background surface and is usually meant to be viewed from one side.
works as two pieces of a relief sculpture from a grave marker -- a third fragment of which is in a Greek museum -- and a slab with an inscription related to a religious festival.
He worked out interesting and related shapes and forms to create his flat or pictorial relief sculpture in which the surface of the metal was diligently and ingeniously built up, producing decorative artistry and patterning.
Lubbock begins to stumble, however, when he attempts to transfer his judgments about the reading of relief sculpture to the flatter medium of fresco painting.
THE Rugby Decorative and Fine Arts Society will hear a talk on monumental architecture and relief sculpture at the Benn Hall, Newbold Road, Rugby, from 7.
The exterior has been refurbished, relief sculpture laser cleaned, 75 sash windows restored, and the roofmadeweatherproof.
John Chamberlain's relief sculpture acted as a huge party decoration over the champagne bar .
Removing the relief sculpture that honored Iraqi soldiers captured by Iran from its stone panel which stands empty in Mustansiriyah square now, is equal in its repercussion to changing the status of Iraqis who died during the war with Iran from "martyrs" to "victims of Saddam.
Each student creates a 10" (25 cm) square relief sculpture to be joined with others and installed in the hallway.
Another major shortcoming of this book is the absence of any photos and little or no reference to the relevance of this huge corpus of material to the development of Christian art, which is especially pertinent in reference to the Christian catacomb frescoes, sarcophagi, and relief sculpture.
The relief sculpture of carpenters and diners at the Dean and Pitman building on Corporation Street is an excellent example," he said.
3D Photographic displays are a hybrid product: part photographic, in which they capture accurate color and life-like features and part artisan relief sculpture, in that they rise from the background to meet the viewer, adding depth that accurately conveys the finest details of the photograph.