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As the demand has grown from the religious fraternity to be included in the partnership towards safer areas, the department has strived to find the money to effectively and efficiently support our churches to run quality holiday programmes that are of value to our youth.
This December Summer Holidays, the department will, through our partners in the religious fraternity, have a definite safety presence in more than 50 areas in the province.
Damascus, (SANA)- As a sign of religious fraternity in Syria, Muslim and Christian chanters shared the Opera House stage on Thursday marking the anniversary of the Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).
NGOs promoting religious fraternity include the Argentine Jewish-Christian Brotherhood, an affiliate of the International Council of Christians and Jews, the Argentine Council for Religious Freedom (CALIR), the Foundation for Education for Peace (FEDEPAZ), and the Federation of Arab Entities (Latin America), known as FEARAB.
Syria, thanks to President al-Assad's care of the religious and spiritual institutions, his supportive stances to rights and justice and his role in strengthening religious fraternity, has become the best model of amity," the cable read.
He hailed Syria's historical role in spreading Christianity to the world, and the state of religious fraternity in it.
For her part, Guigou expressed appreciation of religious fraternity and national unity in Syria.