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In the landmark ruling, Justice Lee Swee Sang declared that the religious conversion flouted several norms and could not be validated.
These criticisms are not meant to detract from the book's great value as a study of religious conversion and political legitimation in the Ottoman empire.
writes: "Dialogue and dialect serve as curative to bias, ensuring that in intellectual conversion one renounces the myriads of false philosophies, in moral conversion one keeps oneself free of individual, group, and general bias, and in religious conversion one loves one's neighbor as one loves God.
Government must refrain from sponsoring prison programs that promote religious conversion or coercion, Americans United for Separation of Church and State told the U.
From the purpose and potency of dedications, and how best to study them, the focus moves on to the calendar, religious conversion, appropriated places of worship, healing and pilgrimage, sacred landscapes, and industrial towns.
The book is divided into six chapters in addition to an introduction and final reflection that lead the reader from spaces to practices to understand the neglected spatial aspects of religious conversion in New Spain.
Let's face it, the mere invocation of God or the use of a Christian-based name isn't going to brainwash listeners into religious conversion.
Yet Deitrich cannot prevent tragedy for their little band of intergalactic castaways any more than he can for the village which houses them, or the bodies and souls of those aliens who choose religious conversion.
There were no reports of forced religious conversion, including of minor U.
Then Adelaide experiences an abrupt and rather unconvincing religious conversion.
ENI--A law in the Indian province of Tamil Nadu which banned religious conversion has been repealed by the federal government.
Like the original dinosaurs, these beasts have evolved with the times: First they were denounced as eyesores, then they were embraced as icons, and now they've experienced a religious conversion.

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