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Early Muslim tradition valorized a more explicitly bellicose form of religious zeal.
These behemoths of Italian luxury menswear seem to be targeting India with a fairly religious zeal.
But they'll argue with religious zeal that consumers need alternatives to the assembly line.
The rich have allied themselves with a "bunch of Mullas" (clerics) who have made fortunes in the Iranian society, based on religious zeal.
It is the likes of Blythman--with their anti-American, anti-corporate rhetoric--who push their propaganda upon the public with religious zeal and cherrypick the facts to suit their prejudices, not the scientists and seed companies.
Mission and menace; four centuries of American religious zeal.
Mission and Menace: Four Centuries of American Religious Zeal is a highly skeptical examination of the impact of Christianity on American history from the colonial era to the modern day.
Frohnmayer said the followers were "an authentic theocracy" that employed religious zeal as a way to bully other people.
They brought young men from all over the Muslim world and used seminaries to fire them with religious zeal.
Repeated digging with religious zeal is required in order to extirpate every last vestige of its roots.
But that isn't just because we mistrust religious zeal.