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Researchers found that religious zeal reactions were most pronounced among participants with bold personalities (defined as having high self-esteem and being action-oriented, eager and tenacious), who were already vulnerable to anxiety, and felt most hopeless about their daily goals in life.
They brought young men from all over the Muslim world and used seminaries to fire them with religious zeal.
Repeated digging with religious zeal is required in order to extirpate every last vestige of its roots.
I would like to share my views about the destructive force of religious zeal in our continent.
President Bush makes no secret of his religious zeal, but like so many in this country who profess faith in Christ, his piety seems a little contrived.
Emotion may be natural to the human condition but as the basis of religious zeal it has proven to be dangerous throughout history.
After 1552, "the Angelics ceased to be missionaries, governors of charitable institutions, and penitential examples of religious zeal.
As we have seen this week, this happened: -to those ancient Israelites, continually blighted by 'locusts' -to Abraham, awaiting the promised heir -to young Joseph, languishing in prison -to the former slaves who lost out in the desert -to Paul with his misplaced religious zeal.
When the Spanish conquistadors brought their Catholic faith to the shores of Mexico, the intensity of their religious zeal made the conversion of hundreds of thousands of Indians an important goal.
The 22-strong Dallas-based band looked like they'd just escaped from choir practice, sang with a religious zeal and created a wall of happy-clappy sound that left gig-goers hugging each other in happiness.
I'm increasingly creeped-out by a profession clinging to standardized curriculum with religious zeal and a neurotic obsession with what every human under four feet should know.