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The fact that some level of female remating and multiple paternity is possible in this species indicates that sperm competition is a component of sexual selection in P.
The assumptions of rapid remating and continuous reproduction during the reproductive season were examined by using three progressively realistic models to estimate realized annual fecundity: the continuous reproduction (CR) model, the intermittent reproduction (IR) model, and the intermittent and seasonal reproduction (ISR) model.
She did a similar experiment to see if infertile sperm delay remating in fruit flies.
cucurbitae is a common phenomenon, and remating frequencies are influenced by factors such as duration of the first mating (Yamagishi & Tsubaki 1990; Kuba & Ito 1993), the strain (I.
Value of male remating and functional sterility in redback spiders.
2002), often remating the same day that they release their young (Vincent and Sadler, 1995).
Exposure of sterile Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) males to ginger root oil reduces female remating.
Nymphs' development is usually completed in 3-5 mo while the adult life takes 15 wk in the laboratory (Muse 2003) which is enough time for egg maturation, oviposition and remating.
Emphasis is on descriptions of male and female mating, non-courtship flash variations and comparisons of the 2 different female flash behaviors as related to mating receptivity, polyandry, remating, ovipositing and phorids.
Effects of oviposition on remating, response to pheromones, and longevity in female Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa (Diptera: Teprhitidae).