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However, in our patient, we did not observe problems such as dystonia and rigidity despite the use of fentanyl infusion for the induction anesthesia and remifentanil infusion during the intraoperative period.
Comparative evaluation of the effect of remifentanil and 2 different doses of esmolol on pain during propofol injection: A double-blind, randomized clinical consort study.
Abdullah Aydin Ozcan et al (2012) made a comparative study between remifentanil and dexmedetomidine for controlled hypotension in patients undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery and found that recovery time was prolonged in dexmedetomidine group than remifentanil group.
Patients were randomly assigned to two groups: the intervention group received an infusion of remifentanil to predict a PC between 3 and 4 ng/ml, and the control group received a remifentanil infusion to predict a PC between 2 and 3 ng/ml at the time of extubation.
5%, whereas group 3 was anesthetized using propofol, remifentanil and infiltration with bupivacaine 0.
However, postextubation MAP and HR values were higher in participants administered remifentanil (12).
When the desired propofol concentration was reached, continuous infusion of remifentanil was induced at a dose of 0.
After receiving approval from the ethics committee, the medical records of 99 premature babies who were diagnosed with ROP and underwent transpupillary 810 nm diode laser photocoagulation under remifentanil in the neonatal intensive care unit between October 2010 and September 2012 were analyzed retrospectively.
The use of desflurane or propofol in combination with remifentanil in myasthenic patients undergoing a video-assisted thoracoscopic-extended thymectomy.
Other opioids like remifentanil are as good as lignocaine in relieving propofol induced pain19.