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Money sent from one individual to another in the form of cash, check, or some other manner.

Financial statements sent by a creditor to a debtor frequently refer to the process of submitting a monthly remittance.


noun acquittal, defrayal, defrayment, disbursement, expenditure, money sent, payment, pecunia, quittance, recompense, reimbursement, remuneration, reparation, transmittal
See also: amortization, benefit, collection, consideration, payment

REMITTANCE, comm. law. Money sent by one merchant to another, either in specie, bill of exchange, draft or otherwise.

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Personal remittances, on the other hand, rose by 10.
The growth in overseas Filipino remittances continued to provide support to the country's economy as a major driver of domestic demand.
welcomed the development, saying cash remittances in 2017 proved to be resilient, despite 'pockets of political uncertainties across the globe.
7pc but the size of remittances was limited to $371m.
Despite this recent decline, remittances sent by migrants are still about double of what they were a decade ago, before the sharp decline in the global economy during the late 2000s.
During December 2017, the inflow of worker's remittances amounted to US $1723.
This also sets us up for potentially high remittances in December, since the growth in 2017 reported thus far has been below its pace from the previous year,' HSBC said.
Pakistan has achieved the highest compound annual average growth of 16 percent in remittances during 2009-2016 amongst top 20 remittance recipient countries, according to the World Bank's figures.
The remittances to the region that accounts for around 45 percent of global remittances flow, dropped to $259 billion in 2016 from $269 billion in 2015-the largest drop since 2009.
It is the most convenient way to receive remittances by beneficiaries in Pakistan getting free SMS alerts.
The bulk of remittances comes from the oil-rich Gulf Arab states and from Africa, and are normally channeled to Lebanese banks, while the rest are invested in properties.
NBP is playing a major role in helping the growth of home remittances to Pakistan through its streamlined and trusted services.