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The Collection at UB City, this year, will be transformed into a haven of European Art, giving us a glimpse of the past, by bringing alive the Renaissance period.
Bought many years ago by the library for PS800, it is an example of the Renaissance period - with evidence of the growing understanding of the world meeting the mystical, including serpents in the sea.
Particularly popular during the Renaissance period, the love letter has survived through the decades until now with almost half of all women never having received one in their lives.
There's musketry demonstrations, the chance to try out games of the renaissance period, and there's music too to add to the sense of atmosphere.
The long drying time of the individual layers, lasting weeks and months, explains why Da Vinci worked on the Mona Lisa for more than four years, leaving the painting unfinished, according to texts from the Renaissance period.
Another major highlight will be an exhibition of six paintings dating back to the Renaissance period, which will be flown in especially for the festival.
What we know-today as the High Renaissance period, from the late 15th century through the first half of the 16th, is typically dated from the creation of one of da Vinci's most famous works, The Last Supper, a mural he completed in the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan in 1498.
Since the Renaissance period, music has essentially become a spectator sport," says Cyresa Bloom, an interpretive ranger at Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico.
1180) on the epic by Arnulf of Orleans; the "Vulgate" commentary, the most important Latin commentary on the poem from the High Middle Ages, extracts of which from a thirteenth-century manuscript Coulson previously introduced and edited (1991); a commentary previously placed in the Italian Renaissance period but now dated to the late twelfth century; and a previously uncatalogued manuscript from Copenhagen addressing all of Ovid's works.
This area is in a renaissance period of restoring historic buildings & businesses including the famous, downtown Tropic Theater.
Aboriginal art is in a renaissance period on the prairies, but more needs to be done to encourage its continued success, according to an expert from the University of Regina (U of R).
Most of the 95-year-old company's business comes from supplying costumes to the entertainment industry -- everything from historically-accurate Renaissance period outfits to military uniforms.

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