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3) Would you like to see renationalisation considered on a line-by-line basis?
One case includes a legal battle with Saudi investors over the renationalisation of one of Egypt's oldest department stores, Omar Effendi.
Cutbacks in gas supplies have undermined performance and deterred investment and renationalisation has provided no new feedstock.
The flag carrier has experience stiff losses since renationalisation in spite of trying to develop its position through network adjustments, fleet renewal and new partnerships comprising membership of SkyTeam.
Officially, Mursi's Islamist-led government has set up committees to study how to carry out the renationalisation of businesses.
Mr Borisov added that three power distributors had been fined for undisclosed violations, but said he was against their renationalisation.
The RMT is calling for support for the full renationalisation of the railways and London Underground.
The charges and subsequent demand for huge back taxes led to the effective renationalisation of Yukos, which was taken over by the state oil company Rosneft.
The takeover of PetroPars by Nico amounted to a renationalisation of the company, which was owned 40% by the NIOC Pension Fund and 60% by IDRO.
Regional secretary Tom Brennan said renationalisation would ensure thousands of jobs were created in the North East to make renewable and clean energy.
JEREMY Corbyn's renationalisation plans have won widespread public support, a study reveals today.