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Jeremy Corbyn says Labour would renationalise Royal Mail and many of you support this idea.
Labour's manifesto, due to be published in coming days, will include a pledge to renationalise rail franchises when they run out.
Proposals to renationalise railways, energy companies and the Royal Mail were given the thumbs up by two to one voters polled in the ComRes survey.
He has opted to join the 'stay in the EU' camp yet wants to renationalise the railways and reopen the mines.
Karen O'Keefe TOP TREND: Labour leadership hopeful Andy Burnham has pledged to renationalise the railways.
Ideal chance to renationalise in 2018 Roy Pearce Great them getting electrification but bring prices down, its cheaper for me to use car than travel by train , plus south Wales needs new trains, ours are like so old compared to other parts of UK Gregg Taylor Money spent on transport infrastructure is a good thing for all
Ed Milliband should state now that when he wins the election in May 2015 he will renationalise both the railways and the buses.
POSTAL workers may pull millions of pounds of Labour funds if it does not pledge to renationalise Royal Mail in its first term back in power.
To recall, S&D group leader Martin Schulz led an attack last week against Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso for standing as a silent witness as some member states attempt to renationalise the EU (see Europolitics 4037).
RAIL workers will begin a two-week march across Britain today as part of a campaign to persuade the government to renationalise their industry.
Calls for the government to renationalise Railtrack are growing louder.
GOOD POINT Mr Corbyn has vowed to renationalise Post Office