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The litigation announced today will contribute to the growing amount of information on rendition and British involvement in it," he said.
Eager singers performed their own rendition of the Oscar Mayer Wiener Jingle(C), the Bologna Song(C) or the Oscar Mayer Spanish Jingle(C) for a chance to land a spot in the limelight.
And, everyone who logs on to choose a rendition is automatically entered into a sweepstakes to join Randy Jackson and the winning singing group in Los Angeles later this summer.
Panetta said Obama banned "that kind of extraordinary rendition - when we send someone for the purpose of torture or actions by another country that violate our human values".
Because of this fast data rate, Intel's AGP will enable future Rendition 3D graphics processors to store texture maps and other critical 3D data in main system memory.
MediaBin's unique rendition management capabilities add clear value to Content Management Server 2002, while providing a model example of how digital asset management and Web content management systems should be integrated.
95) is a definite improvement - there are also beef and salmon renditions - and they cost $2 less at lunch time.
From coast to coast, dozens of radio stations -- including Z-100 in New York and KIIS-FM in Los Angeles -- have placed "Heaven (Candlelight Mix)" into heavy rotation, with many continuing to play the previous rendition of the tune, too.
50), one of the best renditions of this traditional dessert found this side of San Francisco.
In addition to the hit single, the disc also features energetic dance renditions of the timeless classics "California Dreamin'" and "The Boys of Summer," along with an array of dynamic original compositions.
The show will feature 40 oil paintings, 30 watercolor and pen-and-ink drawings and original prints including the artist's renditions of Don Quixote, settlers struggling to make the journey west and the California missions.
In their 10th year at the House of Blues, the society's concerts have become an annually anticipated event on the Sunset Strip, bringing together musical artists including such pairings as Little Richard, Keith Richards, Rachel Hunter, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Dionne Warwick and Al Jarreau, among others, who've performed unforgettable renditions of some of rock's classic numbers.