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Then it was time for the national anthems, with the Barenaked Ladies doing a rendition of "Oh, Canada," and Fergie performing the "Star Spangled Banner.
Expectedly the rendition went on spontaneously and sounded well polished, as kinks were ironed out in the rehearsal the night before.
Before high-speed internet connections became widely available and before mobile devices could view streaming media, it was acceptable to provide two or more bitrate renditions of a media stream.
It cannot be established if the planes had prisoners on board, only that aircraft were linked to rendition flights.
The report said that Pakistan captured, detained, interrogated, tortured, and abused individuals subjected to CIA secret detention and extraordinary rendition operations.
The other Libya, Sami al-Saadi, who had also been opposed to Gaddafi, also claims MI6 played a role in his rendition.
Mr Ahern said he "could use a little more information" about the flights saying it might not be a bad idea to allow random inspections of a few planes to proceed, which would provide cover if a rendition flight ever surfaced.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We unreservedly condemn any practice of extraordinary rendition to torture.
But he said some kinds of renditions of prisoners were "appropriate".
I'm afraid this is only the tip of the renditions iceberg.
As the number of detainees increased after 2001, renditions could not keep up.