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This can be done by reviving the Africa Rennaisance ideas advocated by Thabo Mbeki.
The former Dundee United and Rangers centre-back, now in his second stint at Tynecastle, is enjoying a rennaisance after injury and having won his 25th cap against Australia last month, will receive a silver medal before tomorrow's match from the SFA.
The meeting comes on the back of a closure of Interfin bank and Royal bank in July after failing to pay depositors while Rennaisance Merchant Bank was placed under curatorship prior to its bouncing back.
Happily, the sport hunting industry has revived throughout much of Africa and hunters who are reloaders and also have a taste for history are bringing about a rennaisance for this fine old cartridge.
And with the cinematic excellence that his films offer, he is now the Rennaisance film-maker of India, much on the lines of the French Nouvelle Vague and Indian New Wave Cinema of the 60s and 70s.
In a country where, according to Rennaisance, 57 percent of the population still lives in poverty and 40 percent of the government's budget depends on external aid from donor countries and organizations, its WiFi connectedness is equal to or better than most advanced countries.
Middlesbrough museums education officer Jenny Phillips said the printing costs have been covered by the Rennaisance in the Regions organisation.
If you are prepared to invest in local talent and train them on the ground, I think it is a lot different," said Clifford Sachs, CEO Africa for Rennaisance Capital.