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Refresh Renovations is a home design and build renovation specialist established in 2010 by Traffic, New Zealand's leading business strategy and marketing firm.
Reyher is now trying to balance the needs of residents without pricing out the many existing long-term tenants, by ensuring that the renovations provide the overwhelming majority of residents with the most value and relevance.
1 -- 2 -- color) Above left, Evan, 5, left, and Ian Heidebrink, 6, gaze at the pendulum exhibit at the Griffith Observatory on Friday, its first day open to the public after extensive renovations.
We report a cluster of 4 cases of acute histoplasmosis (1 culture proven and 3 with positive serology, of which 2 were symptomatic) associated with exposure to soil during a golf course renovation, Patients in western Canada with compatible symptoms should be tested for histoplasmosis, regardless of their travel or exposure history.
Superintendent Mark Friedman realized the district's middle school, which had received several renovations since the 1950s, was in need of a major upgrade.
Having talked to a few of our contractors, they were telling me they've been quite busy in the last few months and they've been most busy in renovations," he says.
It has little if anything to say about the planned renovations of the cathedral block and its relationship to the Eucharist.
And, says Tipton, the renovations effectively convey the message, "Look what's coming.
While almost all golf course renovations create financial and aesthetic successes, few, if any, can match what Palm Desert Country Club has done for an entire community.
Prime Renovations was founded in 2004 by Jeff Streich, who found success uncommon among first time entrepreneurs.
Using the same guidelines, and incorporating the concerns of tenants, residents and patients, has benefited all of our projects, ranging from corporate interiors to hospitality and retail renovations.
On the other hand, buildings that are significant but had no major issues became historic renovations," he says.