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REPERTORY. This word is nearly synonymous with inventory, and is so called because its contents are arranged in such order as to be easily found. Clef des Lois Rom. h.t.; Merl. Repertoire, h.t.
     2. In the French law, this word is used to denote the inventory or minutes which notaries are required to make of all contracts which take place before them. Dict. de Jur. h.t.

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Merrimack Repertory Theatre artistic director Charles Towers has said the ultimate intent would be to find a permanent home in Worcester - ideally seating 400 to 450 people - with productions of each play in the MRT season taking place in Lowell and Worcester.
We're thrilled to present Carrie Fisher performing her enthralling story on our stage," says Benjamin Moore, Manager Director at Seattle Repertory Theatre.
Ken Wolf, Artistic Director, Manhattan Repertory Theatre.
STRONG FEELINGS: Sikhs protesting outside the Birmingham Repertory Theatre on Saturday night
Three years later, he took a job with the Arkansas Repertory Theatre.
New Repertory Theatre announces that Kate Warner, nationally known, award-winning director from Atlanta-based Dad's Garage Theatre Company, is its new Artistic Director.
The Brum star, who has won at the MOBOs and British Jazz Awards as well as being nominated for the Mercury Prize, tested the acoustics in The STUDIO, the new auditorium shared by the Library of Birmingham and Birmingham Repertory Theatre.
The Repertory Theatre has been forced into action because of a shortage of qualified backstage staff caused by television stations abandoning trainee schemes.
Finn in the Underworld * (Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley, Calif.
Through next summer, there will be more than 40 shows by touring entertainers, city groups, the Palmdale Repertory Theatre and Desert Opera Theatre.
Two tickets for the price of one to performances by the Willamette Repertory Theatre and the Eugene Symphony Orchestra are available today only through the Hult Center's monthly Wild Card Wednesdays offer.
American Icons by Roy Jones - photography exhibition at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, until October 18