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Garcia is all repressed anger and sadness as Dr Hunter, a man trying to get his life back on track and make sense of what happened to his son, and Kartheiser is very good as Tommy, the seemingly innocent victim who is hiding a terrible dark secret and is prone to outbursts of extreme violence.
Various causes for enuresis have been cited, including stress, repressed anger and the potential for the disease to be inherited.
Fear of consequence (Diamond) and individual will (Frankl, 1984) both can work to prevent an individual from acting out violently even if there is a great deal of repressed anger.
The patient, a 43-year-old man who was particularly unable to think psychologically and whose repressed anger was the nub of his many problems, revealed after some time in psychotherapy that he was hypertensive.
In that way, expressing anger at her husband for drinking and going to see nude dancers, she has been able to vent the repressed anger at her father.
Similarly, boils and spots are due to a build up of negative thoughts or repressed anger.
Kim (Patricia Clarkson), a psychotherapist, never strays far from her cell phone, and husband George (Jake Weber) possesses a deep well of repressed anger.