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A political power production function can be developed that shows the relationship between repression (R) and loyalty (L) as factor inputs and political power (P) as output.
1) P = f (L, R), where P stands for political power, L represent loyalty and R is repression.
The authors recount a dark historical narrative of political repression as "the nether side of the American tradition of constitutional liberties" now institutionalized in "every branch and every level of government.
In seeking to redress grievances and to change the structures of the nation, these dissenters from corporate and government control endured the full force of government repression, both its frontal assaults and its divisive tactics.
Our crisis is not just one of the dissipation of language and tradition, but of global expansion at the cost of other peoples and of psychological repression at the cost of unconscious truth.
From 1968 until 1979, the date of Vaclav Havel's last arrest, paranoia and repression entrenched themselves in the hungover survivors of the sixties.