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REPRISES. The deductions and payments out of lands, annuities, and the like, are called reprises, because they are taken back; when we speak of the clear yearly value of an estate, we say it is worth so much a year ultra reprises, besides all reprises.
     2. In Pennsylvania, lands are not to be sold when the rents can pay the encumbrances in seven years, beyond all reprises.

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La Coree du Nord a pose ses conditions hier jeudi pour une reprise du dialogue avec Seoul et Washington, exigeant notamment le retrait des sanctions de l'ONU, ce qui rend peu probable une reprise des negociations dans un contexte toujours tendu sur la peninsule.
Billie Piper, 25, reprises her role as the Time Lord's sidekick Rose Tyler, while guests stars also include Felicity Kendal and Peter Capaldi.
During Abramovic's reprise of The Conditioning (the first of a three-part performance executed by Gina Pane in Paris in 1973), audience members swooned and brought flowers to the stage as the artist lay on an iron bed, her body only inches above burning candles.
A reprise of waking neural activity during slow-wave sleep--the longest sleep stage in rats and people--promotes recall of novel experiences, the scientists propose.
The season opens with the reprise of Christopher Bruce's Sergeant Early's Dream and two SFB premieres, Sir Kenneth MacMillan's The Invitation (1960), and Gala Performance (1938), Antony Tudor's sarcastic look at divahood.
Enfin, une reprise de depreciation a ete constatee sur les titres Carthage cement et Artes automobiles pour respectivement 92 dinars et 6.
Depuis lors l'EFA a en vain negocie a maintes reprises avec les responsables securitaires pour la reprise du championnant, alors que le verdict contre les responsables du crime peinent encore a voir le jour.
Idina Menzel reprises her stage role as performance artist Maureen in the new film ``Rent.
1-Victory: Elle vient d'etre distancee a plusieurs reprises, visiblement en meforme, il faut reconnaEtre qu'elle n'aura pas la tache facile face a des trotteurs qui viennent de prendre le meilleur sur elle a plusieurs reprises.
The crowned vocalist reprises that showstopper on her first full-length release, a mix of ``Idol'' moments, old-school soul and funk.
Les garde-cotes tunisiens avaient somme a trois reprises les contrevenants de quitter la zone, mais ils ont refuse de le faire, a ajoute le communique.