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REPRISES. The deductions and payments out of lands, annuities, and the like, are called reprises, because they are taken back; when we speak of the clear yearly value of an estate, we say it is worth so much a year ultra reprises, besides all reprises.
     2. In Pennsylvania, lands are not to be sold when the rents can pay the encumbrances in seven years, beyond all reprises.

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That the dubious gun served as Abramovic's main prop only heightened the complicated triangulation of the original event, its record, and its reprise.
After all, six original cast members of the late Jonathan Larson's ``La Boheme'' update reprise their roles in the film, and dishy Rosario Dawson is a perfect addition as the movie's Mimi.
Best actress in a musical winner Connie Champagne reprises her Judy Garland turn in ``Judy's Scary Little Christmas'' at the Court Theatre, and Bryan Davidson's ``War Music,'' workshopped at Playwrights' Arena, comes to the Geffen Playhouse in January.
The children are cute and clever, the magician is a bumbling bad guy, and the music - including numerous reprises of the title track - makes this an enjoyable movie for anyone in the family.
Fox reprises his role as mighty mouse Stuart Little and Melanie Griffith gives Margalo the bird her distinctive chirp in ``Stuart Little 2.