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A little green man or seven foot reptilian might have caused a stir trying to blend into a middle ages society that was prone to burn people at the stake for being different.
Reptilians, according to conspiracy theorists, are said to have begun to evolve on Earth millions of years ago from small dinosaurs.
Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, Mikhail Gorbachev and many other current world notables are actually intergalactic reptilians disguised as human beings, says Icke.
They discover the Reptilians are operating out of an old factory and that a man named Loomis has been kidnapping people for them.
Unlike reptilians, there is vocal communication between the mammal and its offspring.
Individual essays cover a wide variety of different reptilians, from crocodyliformes to the birdlike aves to the aquatic plesiosauria.
From the serpent's connections with UFO phenomena and its involvement with issues of faith and spirituality to recent archaeology and cultural information surrounding its influence on human affairs, this provides a powerful debate on the presence and meaning of the reptilian archetype in human myth, and is a pick any new age collection will relish.