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He also interacted with the District Emergency Officers, Emergency Officers, Rescue and Safety Officers, Control Room In-charges, Station Coordinators, Shift In-charges, Fire Rescuers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Computer Telephone Wireless Operators, and other staff.
SO SAD Rescuers were unable to save 11 of the whales
8 more rescuers left for the scene of the accident.
He added that 12 rescuers were deployed around the property at pool designated for children.
The unconfirmed list of missing in the mudslide wreckage stood at 176 as rescuers continued to search for signs of life amid massive debris.
Rescuers performed CPR on the woman before she was brought to shore and transported by ambulance to PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield, where she was pronounced dead.
Our rescuers give so much to us that we must be prepared to give a little back every now and again.
The rescuers discovered her by a faint, distant sound.
Rescuers quickly reached the location, working in high winds and a temperature below -10 degrees Centigrade.
Works for trying to take the dead body of the rescuer out of the rocks
The eight-metre humpback whale received minor cuts as rescuers worked to remove the netting that had been caught around her head and left pectoral fin.
The baby's mother, Semiha, and grandmother, Gulsaadet, were huddled together, with the baby clinging to her mother's shoulder when rescuers found them.