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Recently, researchers have investigated the impact of group characteristics as a predictor of group outcomes of graduate students enrolled in research methodology courses.
Also, DaRos-Voseles, Onwuegbuzie, and Collins (2005) found that cooperative groups attaining the highest levels of procrastination due to task aversiveness typically have been those with the lowest levels of performance in research methodology courses.
They are reasonably energetic while teaching research methodology but when it comes to assisting the researchers the supervisors themselves seem unaware of the complications of research.
Specifically, the present investigation examined the role of research anxiety in predicting performance of cooperative learning groups in graduate-level research methodology courses.
He further added that the workshop will enhance the capacity of participants in the field of research methodology and help them in pursuing their future research.
Also, researchers should assess whether research self-efficacy predicts performance in research methodology courses.
Nazir Ahmed Sangi while addressing the opening ceremony of the 2-days workshop on "Standardization of Research Methodology in M.
Designed for introductory courses on research methodology and design, and for general courses in second language studies emphasizing research, Mackey (linguistics, Georgetown U.
The purpose of this investigation was to examine the role of perfectionism in predicting performance of cooperative groups in graduate-level research methodology courses.
Courses planned for supervisors include Education Planning and Education Evaluation, Assessment of Competence, Supervisory Skills, Research Methodology and Biostatics.
Most recently, utilizing Onwuegbuzie's (1998) finding of a relationship between hope and statistics anxiety, Dilevko (2000) advocated that statistics and research methodology class activities attempt to assist students in understanding the course objectives, as well as being aware of the goal of statistics in order to control their own learning objectives.

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