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Setting All graduate students enrolled in educational degree programs were required to take the introductory-level research methodology course.
The RARS (Onwuegbuzie, 1996) is a 45-item, 5-point Likert-format instrument designed to measure levels of anxiety experienced by students enrolled in research methodology courses.
Also, researchers should assess whether research self-efficacy predicts performance in research methodology courses.
This suggests that there might be as much or even more within-race variations as there are between-race variations in research methodology courses.
early childhood, elementary education, middle grades, secondary education, psychology) who were enrolled in 5 sections of an introductory-level research methodology course at a midsouthern university.
With respect to the latter, Onwuegbuzie (1999) found that students enrolled in the advance organizer sections of a research methodology course obtained higher levels of overall achievement than did their counterparts enrolled in sections in which advance organizers were not utilized by the instructor.

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