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A Guide to Teaching Research Methods in Psychology provides instructors with a practical handbook for teaching psychological research methods.
As a topic research methods are significantly influenced by time restrictions imposed by a course schedule.
Research Methods for Business is a new European business research methods book.
Research methods texts advocate peer debriefing as a process to enhance the credibility or validity of qualitative research (Creswell, 1998; Ely, Anzul, Friedman, Garner, & Steinmetz, 1991; Lincoln & Guba, 1985; Maxwell, 1996; Merriam, 1998).
I was relatively new to the library research methods on this campus, that was a bonus
It has been argued that market dynamics and global competitive pressures create new challenges for researchers and companies and call for a diversification of research methods.
presents a primer on dialectical research methods and the Marxist sources for them.
Reliability data for the ATT were gathered from the teachers participating in this study (n=50) and graduate students in assessment and research methods classes in the School of Education at a large northeastern university (n=60).
Chang (multicultural education and organizational leadership), Ngunjiri (leadership studies and research methods), and Hernandez (quantitative research methods, all Eastern U.
The use of ethnographic research methods to explore graduate students' perceptions of interactive televised distance classes showed a connection between students' perceptions and students' patterns of interaction as they related to learner-learner interaction, learner-content interaction, and learner-instructor interaction.
Skilled in the custom online market research space, Karen also never looses sight of traditional custom market research methods.

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