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The Learning Goals were either research-focused or interpersonal-focused, and the curriculum was listed with and without research methods required.
Finally, Wurm and Napier discuss how community participatory research methods can be used to engage all stakeholders in any interpreting research, including interpreters themselves, service users and service providers.
A secondary examination of four of the eight commonly used textbooks on research methods used in communication studies suggested that most of them are designed for the stand-alone, all-inclusive approaches that we find problematic.
The research methods of Itoh were nearly identical to those of the current study, with the exception that instructors gave only one lecture.
In addition to formal course work in research methods, the quality and kind of mentoring graduate students receive as they progress through graduate school is closely linked to research productivity (Hollingsworth, 2000; Kahn, 2001; Nelson & Neufeldt, 1998).
Before describing briefly each contribution, it is important to define "research methods" because as Williamson, Burstein, and McKemmish (2000) pointed out, research methods and data collection techniques are sometimes difficult to distinguish.
For a comprehensive college-level study of geographic research methods, choose AN INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH METHODS IN GEOGRAPHY, which covers the entire research process and describes basic concepts, from generating ideas to using library resources and using ethnical judgement in conducting, compiling and presenting research.
This paper describes the Research Methods programme of the Economic and Social Research Council and discusses some of the methodological developments in the academic sector that can have relevance to the non-academic market research community.
It was founded in 1999 in response to the request voiced by residents, environmental advocates, and community-based organizations at a prior NIEHS Town Meeting for a better understanding of research methods and greater access to study findings.
Results of the analysis revealed that only the research methods course predicted the total MFTP score (p < .
journals (Fraser, 1993; Fraser, Taylor, Jackson, & O'Jack, 1991; Glisson, 1990, 1995), and research methods taught in U.
According to Mike Hansen, head of the research portion of NAFB's marketing and promotion committee, if the "baseline" questions yielded responses similar to those in previous research methods, the organization could trust the mall intercept method and the farmers' opinions.

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