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UNIVERSITY. The name given to certain societies or corporations which are seminaries of learning where youth are sent to finish their education. Among the civilians by this term is understood a corporation.

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More information on Microsoft Research University Relations can be found at http://www.
With his experience in building NUS as a global research university with an entrepreneurial dimension, Professor Shih has the vital attributes to facilitate the synergy between science and technology transfer.
of California, Santa Barbara) describes the workings of the research university, the academic skills students need, the mechanics of enrolling in classes, the impact of homesickness and personal ethics, and common reactions to the diversity found in the campus community.
Prior to joining CoreNet Global, Ellis served as senior research scientist with Georgia Tech Research University.
One result of librarians' increased involvement in instruction was a greater awareness of the low status of undergraduate teaching in the research university.
According to university presidents represented in the Association of American Universities (AAU), just about every research university in the United States has similar needs and is facing difficulties in finding the funds to improve and expand its facilities.
This important center is a perfect fit with our strategic vision, which positions us as an urban research university that works to put students at the center of all we do, and to build on Agilent's excellence in research, academics and community partnerships.
An education from a public research university typically pays for itself within five to seven years of post-graduate employment.
Ultimately, a tier-one university is a research university that has what it takes to be considered among the best - whatever that means.
Early on in the book we are told that Johns Hopkins is the model research university.
I believe the values of the research university provide a context for dialogue.
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