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He worked his way desperately, inch by inch, straight for the reservoirs, halting in silence.
It seemed as if the gold they had taken out was by some ironical compensation gradually making its way back to the soil again through ditch and flume and reservoir.
By murdering a large and respected family in cold blood and afterward depositing their bodies in the water companies' reservoir, you will gain much unpopularity in the neighborhood of your crime, and even robbing a church will get you cordially disliked, especially by the vicar.
This old dried-up reservoir is occupied by a few ghostly silk-spinners now, and one of them showed me a cross cut high up in one of the pillars.
Stopcocks, of which one has an orifice twice the size of the other, communicate between these receptacles and a fourth one, which is called the mixture reservoir, since in it the two gases obtained by the decomposition of the water do really commingle.
Estimated at three millions, the reservoir and conduit cost nearer four.
Sons will succeed fathers, and there will be no inflow of new strength from that eternal reservoir of strength, the common people.
Now, that part of his head which Nature designed for the reservoir of drink being very shallow, a small quantity of liquor overflowed it, and opened the sluices of his heart; so that all the secrets there deposited run out.
Proposals Shall Address All Three City Of Columbus On-stream Reservoirs.
The reservoir will reduce the need to release water from the region's main water storage reservoirs upstream, Lakes Travis and Buchanan, which currently provide water for more than one million people in Central Texas, as well as businesses, industries, and agricultural users.
The opening day for fishing at the Wachusett and Sudbury reservoirs will be Saturday, April 12.
She said a Bill going through Parliament was about preventing farmers from draining reservoirs and hoped there might be something in the Bill which could help the group.