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The reasons are that a group of outliers is able to distort the fitting of a model as the outliers can have artificially tiny residuals that appear as inliers [9].
During the 2007-2008 writers strike, for example, the major sticking point was how writers would be compensated for re-airing of content across the Internet and mobile devices, in other words: digital residuals.
Studios agreed to pay residuals for movies produced after the date of the agreement, and paid $2.
Robinson said revenue from such newer technologies as video-on-demand and digital downloading distribution platforms are critical things to fight for just as past generations fought for TV residuals, a pension, and health benefits.
The phosphate fertilizer value of five paper mill residuals was evaluated in long-term incubation studies to develop data for nutrient planning to address the federal strategies.
Editorial deals with the investigation of biosolids from the treatment of water, residual wastes from municipalities and industries, policy analysis, process controls, economics and the management of toxic residuals.
Foundries remain responsible for their residuals cradle to grave, period.
One such opportunity is the current buyer's market in collaterized mortgage obligation (CMO) residuals being liquidated by thrifts.
It's not surprising, then, that so much of the fighting in the writers' strike centered on these residuals.
The producers of such live-action cable shows as ``The Shield'' and ``Monk'' have reached an agreement with the Screen Actors Guild on a two-year contract that includes a 21 percent increase in residuals, officials said Friday.