resistance movement

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Earlier today, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement in a statement deplored the enlisting of senior Hamas leaders by Washington as a move which means giving permission to Tel Aviv to assassinate them.
In his Tuesday speech, Ayatollah Khamenei hailed the Palestinian people as well as the resistance movements of Hamas and Islamic Jihad for an incredible victory against the Israeli regime.
Hamas went on to say that what the Israeli propaganda against the Palestinian resistance movement comes within the framework of systematic escalation against the strip and the resistance in particular.
We have our own sound financial system in Jammu and Kashmir and people contribute for the resistance movement," the octogenarian leader said on Friday.
The sources said they are worried that in the last months of 2010 and the early months of 2011 the resistance movement may be dragged into clashes with other Lebanese factions to distort its good reputation in the Arab and Islamic worlds and even in some Western circles," AS SAFIR said.
A group of Palestinian parties and prominent people earlier formed a resistance movement against the Palestinian agreement to resume direct talks with Israel.
Beirut, (SANA)- The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas said that continuing resistance and refusal of normalization are the answer to the barbarous Zionist massacres committed against the Palestinian people and the Arab nation.
Hamas turned again exclusively into a religio-nationalist resistance movement due to the Israeli reoccupation of Gaza, and Hizbullah was forced to go back into its original resistance mold due to escalating Israeli military action in 2006.
Enter Gellar's Ella as the leader of the resistance movement.
Let the People Decide: Black Freedom and White Resistance Movement in Sunflower County, Mississippi, 1945-1986.
A young girl during World War II, she assisted her father in the resistance movement and was decorated for her efforts against the Nazi occupation at the age of 14.