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another method is the use of both signals of same resonance frequency [U.
The method was originally developed by Cleveland (12) to calibrate the spring constant of a cantilever using only the resonance frequency measurement of a series of experiments where small, known, masses are added to the end of the cantilever.
Material coefficients, which will be compared, are calculated indirectly from the size, density and resonance frequency and antiresonance frequency of PZT ceramics.
The resonance frequency is determined by calculating the spectral ratio of horizontal over vertical (H/V) ground motion in the seismic record.
Consequently, the resonance frequency corresponds directly to the liquid density in the sensor.
A potentially useful noninvasive alternative is resonance frequency analysis (RFA), which has been shown to correlate with the degree of implant stability in dental implants [21,44,47-48,52-55].
While exploiting the high efficiency of the Witricity resonant induction, the eCoupled system includes data communication services between senders and receivers that negotiate and optimize the appropriate resonance frequency.
4, where w denotes the computed resonance frequency and A the corresponding amplitude for a nonlinear inhomogeneous material.
The vibratory feeders operate at maximum efficiency, as each feeder vibrates at its own specific resonance frequency at all times.
Geometry of the bar was specially chosen so that vibration amplitude of the junction between the cylindrical and conical sections is small comparison to end amplitudes at the second resonance frequency.

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