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Rather than streamlined and centralized, the authority of the geonim rested in informal networks with regional communities sustained through teacher/student links, letters, and responsa, a "decentralized complex" (p.
50) Maharam Alashkar, Bar-Ilan Collection, Responsa No.
2, 10, 5 emet une critique proche de celle d'Encolpe, mais bien moins grandiloquente: nam magos et pestilentiam et responsa et saeviores tragicis novercas aliaque magis adhuc fabulosa frustra inter sponsiones et interdicta quaeremus (<< Car les magiciens, les epidemies, les reponses d'oracles, les maratres plus cruelles que les maratres de tragedie et les autres inventions encore plus fantastiques, nous les chercherons vainement parmi les causes relatives a des engagements reciproques et a des interdits.
by members of the public, or responsa, are a major feature of the Torah
Rabbis and poets were extremely comfortable in Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic, writing tractates and exchanging responsa with the Jews of Babylon and of Kairouan in North Africa, and producing a brilliant corpus of secular and religious poetry in Hebrew, while everyone Jewish spoke some form of an evolving Judeo-Romance.
Halakhic literature after the period of the Talmud includes codes, halakhic glosses, responsa literature, and court decisions (ibid at 61).
The title and substance of this lecture draw on the published responsa of Rabbi Ephraim Oshry: Sh'eilos UTeshuvos MiMa'makim ("Questions and Responses from Out of the Depths").
Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin, an important contemporary posek (author of a multi-volume opus of rabbinic responsa titled 'Bnei Banim"), published in 2006 a scholarly essay titled "Between faith and Halacha: A realistic Halachic reading of the events of disengagement [from Gaza] and the evacuation of Amona".
50; Bluey Robinson - Arena, M'bro pounds 4; The Clashed - The Forum, Darlington pounds 6; The Stottin Headaches, Responsa - The Studio, Hartlepool pounds 3; Drunk In Hell, Normal Man, Goatspeed, Foot Hair, Rife, Jimmy Bullet and the Baby, Shakers, Lifeless, Pellethead - The Crown, M'bro pounds 3/pounds 4; North Yorkshire Chorus - St Mary's Church, Thirsk; Electric Cowboys - Ranch House Club, Hutton Rudby; The Chevrons -The Station Hotel, Billingham; Still Active - The Park, M'bro Sunday William KJ Anderson, Folk Daddy -The Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe pounds 5; Alpha Place - The Normanby; Tees Hot Club Blues Night - Queen Catherine, Osmotherly 8.
Ibn Hanbal's Responsa provided guidelines designed to help his fellow Muslims navigate this "messy world" without resorting to violence (231-71).
Aumenta a responsa, e claro, mas tambem aumenta muuuito o tesao de estar aqui, trabalhando para voce .
Mosheh Sofer, Responsa Hatam Sofer, Hoshen Mishpat 160.

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