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I could not tell: nothing answered me; I then ordered my brain to find a response, and quickly.
I was half-dragged up to the altar, and before I knew where I was I found myself mumbling responses which were whispered in my ear, and vouching for things of which I knew nothing, and generally assisting in the secure tying up of Irene Adler, spinster, to Godfrey Norton, bachelor.
ancient echoes clamor appropriate responses most gratifying to his
For a few days the Abbot read the services all alone, but at the end of a week he could no longer bear the lack of singing, so calling the little lad he bade him to help him and to chant the responses.
Next, and before the Norman Conquest, the Gospel dialog between the angel and the three Marys at the tomb of Christ came sometimes to be chanted by the choir in those responses which are called 'tropes':
Yet I love to hear their wailing, their doleful responses, trilled along the woodside; reminding me sometimes of music and singing birds; as if it were the dark and tearful side of music, the regrets and sighs that would fain be sung.
I wish, indeed, he was a little more regular in his responses at church; but altogether he seems
No one dropped the ring or mispronounced the responses, or trod on Evie's train, or cried.
Confused, delirious with excitement and provincial longings, they tried to make ocular responses to the megaphonic ritual.
These three responses to a sensational stimulus differ, however, in many respects.
Plornish repeated, her address here, in a low voice, as if he were making responses at church.
You daren't do it in your responses at Church, and you mustn't do it in your responses out of Church.

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