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Notes H&M 18 Paradise Street, Liverpool, Tel: 0151 703 7350 Ressurection 25 Bold Street, Liverpool 0151 709 2676.
The South African pitches may well mean the ressurection of Ishant Sharma and should also help R.
m Friday, July 17, 2009, from the funeral home a Mass of Ressurection in St.
Peace in Jerusalem, or The Settlement of the most passionate disagreement between Rabbi Simeon Kimchi and Onkelos, On whether a human body composed (may God forbid) from the consumption of pig flesh will be put away, annihilated, or purified on the Ressurection, by the most enlighted Doctor Reuchlin.
Whether he enjoys a glorious ressurection and rekindles his glory days of the mid 1990's is another matter.