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Consumers access the channels through a feature on Loolbox called Live TV, which is used to retransmit programming over the Internet to users in real time, nearly simultaneously with the contents original authorized transmission.
Aereo's innovation - and what it says distinguishes its operation from its predecessors - is that it uses tiny copper antennas to collect and retransmit broadcasters' signals over the Internet to individual subscribers.
com also will introduce Kima, wireless technology that retransmits audio from a PC to any home stereo or portable radio system within 1,000 feet.
If a file is lost or corrupted during distribution, StarBurst's software retransmits only the lost or bad file rather than the entire content package, minimizing network overhead.
SUR - SUR retransmits the daily newscasts and most popular shows
Selective retransmission: Sitara retransmits only lost packets of data, not the entire window, increasing the speed of Web page downloads.
This main site also transmits to the Modjeska Peak repeater site, already on air with COMWAVE equipment, which retransmits to the Orange County area.