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4) Unlike retropharyngeal abscess, which is typically characterized by enhancing fluid in the retropharyngeal space and inflamed lymph nodes, CTLC generally demonstrates nonenhancing fluid in the retropharyngeal space accompanied by calcification anterior to C1 and C2.
The retropharyngeal space (RPS) is a narrow midline space extending from the skull base to upper mediastinum.
Lateral neck films were obtained on 45 children and all but 2 showed bulging or enlarged retropharyngeal space.
On CT, retropharyngeal cellulitis is identified by symmetric low attenuation in the retropharyngeal space (Figure 6).
A soft tissue density appearing to include the dens, retropharyngeal space, and the pharynx was noted.
Superior parathyroid glands tend to be found dorsal to the mid-to-superior thyroid pole and in the retropharyngeal space (Figure 2).
1,2) Infections of the deep fascial spaces of the neck are ominous because of the propensity of bacteria to spread hematogenously and contiguously along the fascial planes to involve the anterior mediastinum, pleuropulmonary spaces, retropharyngeal space, prevertebral spaces, "danger" space, and the heart valves.
However, after reviewing the imaging it was thought that the mass could be excised via an intraoral approach to the retropharyngeal space.
Spread of the infection down the retropharyngeal space favored by negative intrathoracic pressure was thought to be responsible for the infection.