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Country: United States of America
State: California
I purchased a quad that does not work properly it dangerous I went to the company to buy it but noticed it on line after buying it is not a standard size and like I said it does not work properly when I tried to take it back they said they had a no return policy, that is posted on there web site however it is not posted in there store or on there receipt I did file for small claims court but do I have any case?


Yes you likely could prevail in small claims...
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Prosecutor Michele Stuart-Lofthouse said she asked the police about procedures over the return of items.
RACEHORSE owner Raymond Mould has put up a pounds 15,000 reward for the return of items, including a Cheltenham Gold Cup, stolen from his house on Wednesday.
Last November, Judge James Mc-Nulty directed the return of items to Mr Bailey, who lives at Schull, Co Cork, through his solicitor.