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REUS, civil law. This word has two different meanings. 1. A party to a suit, whether plaintiff or defendant; Reus est qui cum altero litem contestatem habet, sive legit, sive cum eo adum est. 2. A party to a contract; reus credendi is be to whom something is due, by whatever title it may be; reus debendi is he who owes, for whatever cause. Poth. Pand. lib. 50, h.t.

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The industry will phase in autonomous vehicles over years, Reuss said.
In Rhymes, Reuss plays with details and I seemed to be able to feel the singers' sheer joy at the music.
Al-Sa'adi and Reuss reviewed the implementation progress of the German-funded projects in the country as well as the German future assistance to Yemen.
The car we codenamed ATS is being developed to be a driver's car on an all-new Cadillac-specific RWD-AWD architecture," Reuss said.
Hadi also reviewed with Reuss the current meetings held with local and
Reuss, 65, was pitted against her former Buddhist teacher, when she brought a bankruptcy order against the company that owned the Yangtorp Qiqong Resort, near Hornby.
Honorable mention: Jim Hefner, USC basketball radio (710-AM); John Jackson, college football (FSN) and USC football radio (980-AM); Rick Monday and Jerry Reuss, Dodgers radio (980-AM); Troy West, Avengers radio (570-AM); Darryl Evans, Kings radio (1150-AM); Allen Hopkins, Galaxy TV; Tony Moskaw, high school football (1220-AM); Mark Rogondio, Galaxy TV (a Matthew Perry look-alike); Sean Farnham, UCLA football and basketball TV; Wayne Cook, UCLA football radio (570-AM).
Rita Page Reuss, LOL's vice president for public affairs, said the quilt was "a natural fit with our rural heritage, commitment to people and dedication to quality and craftsmanship.
Passengers were delayed around two hours when the two workers smelled a 'noxious gas' as they opened a front hold after the Ryanair flight from Reuss in Spain landed at John Lennon Airport.
Passengers were delayed for two hours when the two workers smelt a "noxious gas" as they opened a front hold after the Ryanair flight from Reuss in Spain.
His career started in 1950 when he joined his family wholesale importing firm Ebeling & Reuss Co.