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However, in Donum veritatis the CDF did not explain such truths as being necessary for the preservation or exposition of revealed truth, but as being "intimately connected with them in such a way that the definitive character of such affirmations derives in the final analysis from revelation itself.
Syed Ahmed's progressivism is not confined to this world as he firmly believes in the existence of God and the revealed truth as the ultimate sources of knowledge.
In assessing the implications of Strauss's views on revealed truth for the conservative cause, I shall contrast the views of Strauss with those of his friend and admirer, the conservative political philosopher Willmoore Kendall.
Sullivan's point was that definitive teaching may be regarded as infallible, even if it is not taught as divinely revealed truth requiring an assent of faith--a rather narrow and technical distinction that would probably be lost on most Catholics.
Theology, tradition, science, and revealed truth crash against each other like powerful and relentless waves, and the storm has no end in sight.
Many Catholics seem to deal with the Catholic Church the same way, not realizing it is a matter of historical and revealed truth.
pursues Heidegger's poetic turn to explicate the unique capacity of the poetic to disclose revealed truth (shakenness).
These teachings are not understood by the church as revealed doctrines but are those which the church's teaching authority finds to be so closely connected to God's revealed truth that belief in them is required in order to safeguard those revealed truths.
It means that contemporary opinion and experience is only one of many Catholic voices to be represented in any church deliberation about the meaning of revealed truth.
With respect to the divinely revealed truth, the canon refers to the servandi; i.
The fact that these doctrines may not be proposed as formally revealed, insofar as they add to the data of faith elements that are not revealed or which are not yet expressly recognized as such, in no way diminishes their definitive character, which is required at least by their intrinsic connection with revealed truth.
From the revealed truth of sacred Scriptures to the vast body of secular scriptures that have grown up out of or around it, Christian culture has been a personal quest; and the correct mode of interpretation will therefore always be ethical or personal.