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Remington was approached about loading a cartridge that fit Wesson's parameters but felt such loads would create pressure too high for the revolvers then available.
He typically used revolvers with 4- or 5-inch barrels, and he believed in using revolvers that were unmodified.
Part of the nostalgia of shooting old-style revolvers is experiencing the issues our forefathers had to contend with.
Since few shooters are able to withstand the recoil of these revolvers for very long, I can surmise the damage occurred with a modest round count.
The lesson here is if you're buying a revolver for defensive use, the double action (think: S&W, Taurus or Ruger DA revolvers, for instance) makes the most sense.
In Scandium-alloy frame Magnum revolvers, the XL Hunters feature 6"-plus barrel lengths, stainless steel cylinders with PVD coating and fiber optic front sights.
Toward the end of the last century, double-action (DA) revolvers were developed.
The Colt Walker Revolver is the most desirable and well known of all Colt firearms and the prize of any Colt collection.
445 Hand Ejector revolvers known as the Pistol, Smith & Wesson, .
Do the editors of Handguns think revolvers are old-fashioned guns, or are they getting paid to promote only semiautomatics?
I have a customer with a Hi Standard Sentinel R-101 double action revolver that was having problems firing and rotating the cylinder.
Revolvers are still being used in personal combat nowadays, mostly in the hands of private citizens protecting themselves or by off-duty cops (or on-duty cops using a backup snubbie).