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He was sinking down, when he straightened himself to throw the revolver into the face of a scab who was jumping toward him.
I'll take the risk," said I, at last; and with a revolver in each hand I walked up the beach towards them.
Come, put away that nasty revolver and let us talk it over.
Tarzan had never seen the effects of a firearm before, though his books had taught him something of them, but when he saw the rat-faced one fingering the butt of his revolver he thought of the scene he had witnessed so short a time before, and naturally expected to see the young man murdered as had been the huge sailor earlier in the day.
Burnett, he look 'm along Winchester, look 'm along cartridge, look 'm along revolver, look 'm along black powder, look 'm along dynamite--my word, he cross too much, he give you three fella year along jail.
The reports of the revolver were heard by the office boy, who rushed in to find Hartwell expiring in his chair.
Ibex and musk-sheep fell before my good old revolver, so that I lacked not for food in the higher altitudes.
The woman had found a revolver in a table drawer in the room in which she had been locked, and now she kept the mate of the Kincaid at bay with the weapon.
Passepartout was waiting for his master, armed with half a dozen six-barrelled revolvers.
The revolver was close beside him--he sought further off.
And if you'll give me your revolver, I'll have the Reindeer bailed out in a jiffy.
Instantly he was up again and wheeling to renew the battle; but Werper was on foot ahead of him, and now his revolver, loosened from its holster, flashed in his hand.