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Raphael Lyne's Shakespeare, Rhetoric and Cognition argues that Renaissance rhetoric can be considered a kind of cognitive science, and that Shakespeare's language particularly exemplifies the intimate connection between rhetoric and cognition.
He further traces the emergence of vernacular rhetorics in Italy spearheaded by Bartolomeo Cavalcanti.
Lugo-Lugo's book adds an interesting perspective to this literature through its sequential analysis of rhetoric pertaining to immigration, terrorism, same-sex marriage, and gay people in the post-9/11 United States.
As a teacher of rhetoric, it is tempting to respond reflexively to this posing of the rhetorical against the real; to say, as I often do, that there is nothing insubstantial or unreal about rhetoric.
Further, the paper explains how rhetoric itself is multi-modal as an architectonic practice drawing on, and substantively contributing to, the sum of the liberal arts.
The contents of the volume include three studies on Mesopotamian rhetoric, two on Egyptian rhetoric, three on Chinese rhetoric, one each on biblical rhetoric and "alternative Greek rhetoric" (from Rhodes), and two cross-cultural studies that deal with Near Eastern texts.
What is the status of rhetoric in the early modern period?
Coming out of the 1986 Temple University conference on the rhetoric of human sciences, the contributors address the rhetorical turn that the field is taking.
com/research/2b5737/stalinist_genetics) has announced the addition of the "Stalinist Genetics: The Constitutional Rhetoric of T.
In a section on "Comparative/Contrastive Rhetorics," Ratliff focuses on recent work in Chinese rhetoric as well as on recent theoretical work on comparative rhetoric itself.
of California at Riverside), and the hidden rhetorics of African American life, culture, and knowledge therefore remain relegated to the metaphorical (or sometimes not so metaphorical) "barbershop," a "hush harbor" where a different rhetoric reigns.