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RIDING, Eng. law. An ascertained district, part of a county. This term has the same meaning in Yorkshire which division has in Lincolnshire. 4 T. R. 459.

References in classic literature ?
He threw off his overcoat, and they saw for the first time that he was dressed in English riding clothes of dark material, but absolutely correct cut.
The Prince, riding a little apart, simply ignored the hurdle, and the mare took it in her stride.
Somerfield was already riding his mount for all he was worth, but the Prince as yet had not touched his whip.
It was not my mare alone," she answered,--"it was your riding.
At the end of half an hour of goodness, Daylight, lured into confidence, was riding along at a walk and rolling a cigarette, with slack knees and relaxed seat, the reins lying on the animal's neck.
I recollect seeing a Gaucho riding a very stubborn horse, which three times successively reared so high as to fall backwards with great violence.
A respectable man riding one day met two others, one of whom was mounted on a horse, which he knew to have been stolen from himself.
She blushed, dropped her riding habit, and stumbled over it.
Keep riding and once you've completed three rides, a free backpack can be claimed.
Although from reports, people may have shed a tear from riding these two coasters .
They talk about their own memories of riding motorcycles in their younger days, or look with joy upon the photos they've saved from their last ride.
For anyone unable to summon a vivid physical memory of riding a wave, the typical surf film would be as compelling as hard-core porn to a toddler.