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During this time, the skin and soft tissue infection in her right breast resolved completely.
Klein's office in late March 1998, about seven months alter the August 18, 1997, mammogram, complaining of a right breast nipple retraction that had appeared two or three months earlier.
Spokesman David Ginsberg said Mrs Edwards, 55, discovered a lump in her right breast while on a campaign trip last week.
Saying the same thing in two different ways (the upper outer quadrant of the right breast, at 11 o'clock; the right or ascending colon, for example) would additionally help.
After pop star Janet Jackson exposed her right breast at the end of her Super Bowl halftime show, the Federal Communications Commission cracked down and headline writers stepped up.
The 54-year-old cancer support worker had to have a lump removed from her right breast eight years ago.
In mid-September 2001, I felt a lump in my right breast and an itching sensation of the nipple.
In April 2000, follow-up mammography revealed microcalcifications in the right breast for which the patient underwent a needle localization biopsy.
as well as in Canada, to permit the wearing of ancestors' medals on the right breast on such occasions as Remembrance Day, but most veterans I have spoken to strongly oppose this proposal.
Do the same thing with your right arm raised and your left hand examining your right breast.
65 million yen in damages to a woman whose right breast was operated on by doctors without her informed consent.