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Its three units--Policy, Rightsizing and Innovation--staffed by Civil Service, Foreign Service and other employees, do such work as producing guidance for Department operations during a lapse in appropriations, engaging in proactive quality management and behind-the-scenes improvement of knowledge management, and conducting congressionally mandated rightsizing analyses.
We successfully completed four major turnaround initiatives, including the rightsizing programme, the reduction in non-core assets, the transformation of our industry leading balance sheet by strengthening our liquidity position and the announcement of a clear strategic, financial and operational roadmap with a focus on recurring revenue generation.
Before picking the low-hanging fruit, acknowledge that rightsizing a technology budget is about more than just the dollars.
Rightsizing can be an opportunity for a facility to become financially more efficient .
Creating a well-organized program for employees that communicates the effects and reasons for the rightsizing and provides the appropriate support services can far outweigh the costs of stress claims and deteriorating employee performance that often accompany a restructuring.
An effective rightsizing process demands a rigorously enforced counseling and evaluation program to address employee performance problems.
We can maximize profit opportunities with rightsizing
11n wireless LANs and secure mobility solutions, today announced the availability of "Network Rightsizing Best Practices Guide," a reference primer compiled from real-world implementations, that shows how 802.
Increasing the cost efficiency is essential for achieving the targeted cost savings of the company's rightsizing program.
The targeted cost savings from the reorganization as well as the respective non-recurring items to be booked are included in the EUR 50 million rightsizing program announced in January 2014.
Our target for the first half of 2012 is a further reduction of 14 per cent, leading to a total improvement of operating cash flow of 71 per cent since the launch of our systematic rightsizing program in 2011.
By ISLAMABAD, February 07, 2011 (Balochistan Times): During first phase of rightsizing of federal cabinet, twenty ministers are expected to be included as decided by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani after consulting with coalition partners.