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For those overseas, M/PRI's Rightsizing unit, led by Virginia Keener, is perhaps the office's most visible part.
Before picking the low-hanging fruit, acknowledge that rightsizing a technology budget is about more than just the dollars.
Today laboratories are confronted with rightsizing their departments.
Frequently used today, the term rightsizing has a hopeful tone that seems to indicate that it will solve a company's problems with little pain or fanfare.
Some have suggested that rightsizing is merely a euphemism for layoffs; yet the two terms are a world apart.
In both its orientation and results, rightsizing differs sharply from downsizing.
There are a number of more intangible benefits that can be gained by accountants from working with rightsizing clients: 1.
11n wireless LANs and secure mobility solutions, today announced the availability of "Network Rightsizing Best Practices Guide," a reference primer compiled from real-world implementations, that shows how 802.
This time, the Duterte administration plans to abolish the PCGG through the proposed Rightsizing the National Government Act of 2017, currently pending in the House of Representatives.
Tenders are invited for Provide Fleet Rightsizing Plan to the City.
Ahlstrom says to expand its rightsizing program from the previously announced [euro]35 million to [euro]50 million it needs to cut more jobs.
Our target for the first half of 2012 is a further reduction of 14 per cent, leading to a total improvement of operating cash flow of 71 per cent since the launch of our systematic rightsizing program in 2011.