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Just as NTS can simulate the rigors of installation in an office building, it also can replicate the extremes of space, said John Czajkowski, director of the company's Saugus lab.
PASeries Mathematics and PASeries Reading both meet multiple criteria for rigor of student progress monitoring tools under the standards set by the National Center.
An Italian holiday brings a passionate young man (Julian Sands) into her life and opens a window out of the suffocating rigors and expectations of class, showing Lucy Honeychurch (Bonham Carter) that the heart, too, has its reasons.
Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of steam sterilization, the Autoclavable Telecam Parfocal Zoom Camera Head provides faster turnaround times between cases and more cost-effective reprocessing.
A chance to get away from the rigors and responsibilities of the office, these little respites guarantee at least a few days of rest and relaxation.
The rigors responded to antibiotic treatment, and a third set of blood cultures showed no growth.
However, she concedes she is still adjusting to the rigors of cross country, particularly the early-morning workouts.
They're eternally glamoured up for the going rigors of going bare.
Integration with Google Earth--TradeStone PLM for Retail integrates with Google Earth, a geospatial locator application, so retailers and vendors can easily identify their network of approved testing facilities to speed product through the rigors of testing.
Helped by guitarist Joe Baiza and drummer Steve Hodges, Watt reinforces his semi-profound observations with driving, seriously energetic music that sometimes paraphrases vintage thrash (``Topsiders''), but just as often abandons the rigors of verse and chorus to follow the open, exploratory currents of free-form jazz.
That means companies are looking for small mobile computers that can withstand the rigors of store, field and industrial operations.