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RIOTOUSLY, pleadings. A technical word properly used in an indictment for a riot, and ex vi termini, implies violence. 2 Sess. Cas. 13; 2 Str. 834; 2 Chit. Cr. Law, 489.

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His riotously costumed skeletons (known as "La Calavera Catrina") have been on display at the Day of the Dead festivities.
But three appeal judges yesterday ruled that the 1886 Riot (Damages) Act, which allows companies and individuals to sue the police over loss caused by "any persons riotously and tumultuously assembled together" could be used in the claim.
Attacking many fantasy stables and cliches ranging from 'Lord of the Rings' to the 'Wizard of Oz' to classic Walt Disney films, and so much more, "Henry Potty and the Deathly Paper Shortage" is riotously entertaining reading for fantasy enthusiasts in general, and young Henry Potter fans in general.
A trainee peace officer facing a dangerous investigation and a planet with more bugs than a new computer system are all elements of a riotously funny tale that finds Hall trying to decide whether to take on a rival in order to save his own business, help the attractive trainee with her hazardous first mission.
The film finds that, sadly but riotously, even so near a moment is already fading into a fog of fake pride and self-serving venality.
Argentina, the glitziest side in Canada and spearheaded by the riotously good Sergio Aguero, may well meet their match in the shape of Chile's keeper Cristopher Toselli.
Wilde may or may not be to blame, but it took until the 1950's for a bona fide gay rights movement to surface, ever so cautiously at first, but riotously by the late 1960's.
This family film features the riotously funny story of a Santa-Snowman showdown to determine who gets to deliver Christmas gifts around the world.
Other projects that shared this offbeat spirit of intelligence and humour were the delightful urban balloon installation in a Vancouver alleyway by Satoshi Matsuoka and Yuki Tamara (p98) and ex-studio's riotously colourful (and beautifully pointless) Tambabox inspired by the exuberance of Senegalese textiles (p90).
People are so riotously different it seems rude to bundle them into categories.
1993 PEACE The Pepsi-Cola Company of the Philippines, suppliers of sugary hopes and dreams, for sponsoring a contest to create a millionaire and then announcing the wrong winning number, thereby inciting and uniting 800,000 riotously expectant winners and bringing many warring factions together for the first time in their nation's history.
Several more species grow riotously on whales but hardly appear anywhere else.