Riparian Rights

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Riparian Rights

The rights, which belong to landowners through whose property a natural watercourse runs, to the benefit of such stream for all purposes to which it can be applied.

Riparian water, as distinguished from flood water, is the water that is below the highest line of normal flow of the river or stream.


Water Rights.

riparian rights

n. the right of the owner of the land forming the bank of a river or stream to use water from the waterway for use on the land, such as for drinking water or irrigation. State laws vary as to the extent of the rights, but controversy exists as to the extent of riparian rights for diversion of water to sell to others, for industrial purposes, to mine the land under the water for gravel or minerals, or for docks and marinas. Consistent in these questions is that a riparian owner may not act to deny riparian rights to the owner of downstream properties along the waterway, meaning the water may not be dammed and channelled away from its natural course.

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In addition to the above-mentioned water rights, Aboriginal peoples benefit from riparian rights on reserves (Bartlett, Aboriginal Water Rights at 49-51).
Part III examines case law reflecting this doctrinal shift and concludes that the decline of the appurtenancy requirement was the inevitable result of another key doctrine in riparian law: the reasonable use requirement, under which riparian rights are correlative and are limited only by the rights of other riparian proprietors.
As shown previously, Israel has a strong legal case of historical riparian rights concerning its use for some 60-80 years of most of the ground water in the Western Mountain Aquifer (the Yarkon-Taninim) and the North-Eastern Aquifer (Schem- Gilboa) which flow naturally into its territory.
Real property remedies are therefore available for riparian rights.
While such legislation to convey riparian rights had been relatively infrequent, the state Department of General Services has recently seen a resurgence in such bills.
For land along the west bank of the Jordan River deemed to be state property, Israel's use of the riparian rights would be circumscribed under the concept of usufruct found in Article 55.
Mary Isaacson, State rep O'Brien's chief of staff, said, "With the riparian rights lease in hand, Trump Tower can soon begin construction.
The home built in 1998, has mooring and riparian rights and stands in gardens of 1.
The Yellow Jacket and Phoenix Projects were patented in the late 1800's which allows for the continued private ownership of the land as well as all the mineral and riparian rights that go along with land ownership.