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We didn't want the meeting overpopulated by intermediaries so we can foster open discussions between cover holders and risk takers.
The Risk Takers campaign documents the life of 'Nate,' who has lost his licence and is forced to rely on his mother to drive him around.
None of the Calculated Risk Takers interviewed said PPACA changes would be bad for the health care system, but 55 percent said they were unsure about the effects of PPACA, and they were much more likely than the participants in any other surveyed segment to express uncertainty about the effects of PPACA.
For one thing, risk takers are typically small, cohesive interest groups that, once rescued, have a powerful incentive, as well as the resources, to buy the political influence needed to ensure a return to the status quo ante.
Within Europe, however, opinions vary: Romanian, Cypriot, and Irish views align closest with those of Americans, with 73% each saying they are generally risk takers.
He asserts, and he likes to use the example of Ted Turner's initial foray into television, that successful risk takers are actually risk adverse and that in reality they are "predators" who doggedly, obsessively engage in a "relentlessly rational pursuit of the sure thing.
Now the RBS is talking of paying their risk takers somewhere between pounds 4 and pounds 5 billion in bonuses which I think is disgraceful when you consider it took pounds 20 billion of our money to save the bank in the first place.
Congratulations to the risk takers for pushing this process along.
Traditional risk takers often are nervous about implementing automated underwriting strategies for a number of other reasons.
CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown today announced a new pounds 1 million tax break on share options for managers of small businesses in a bid to encourage risk takers.
This is an interesting study that supports many clinical observations of people who are excessive risk takers or are highly accident-prone," comments psychiatrist Paul C.
Frequently, risk takers have to break the rules, do something risky, and demand change.