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Inflation risk is also still muted in 2018, and combined with the steady growth of the economy, these make for the perfect ingredients for risk-taking this year,' the BPI official also said.
That men are assumed to be inherently more competitive and risk-taking than women follows from an old theory of sexual selection in evolutionary psychology.
It is important to notice how steeply the price increases with the improvement in the risk-taking and optimistic behavior of buyers and sellers respectively.
In Study 1, we examined whether people who experience benign envy would be more likely to engage in risk-taking behavior than would those who experience malicious envy.
Moreover, the experiments document that, under certain circumstances, such risk-taking pays off financially.
Toward a person X situation model of sexual risk-taking behaviors: illuminating the conditional effects of traits across sexual situations and relationship Journal of Personality & Social Psychology.
One explanation for the discrepancy may be the fact that many of the studies linking narcissism and risk-taking were based on self-reports--essentially, narcissists saying that they took risks in certain situations.
The Europeans were more conservative than the rest, with respectively 67 percent German and British, and 66 percent of French believing their IT policies held back risk-taking, versus just 45 percent of Chinese respondents and 44 percent of respondents in India.
Trilogy Chick Corea Trio THERE is an argument that, rather than leading to people becoming more anxious and concerned with safety, increasing age can lead to more risk-taking, a feeling of "what the hell, what have I got to lose?
Among them, 18 risk-taking teens were age- and sex-matched to a group of 18 non-risk-taking teens.
The article examines the risk-taking behavior of property-liability insurers in the presence of risk-based capital regulation.