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Rene Girard merits special attention due to the persistent appeal his theories hold for those concerned about connections between ritual sacrifice and contemporary violence.
For Euripides, blood sacrifice as the culmination of a religious ritual is only a residual presence in a psychological drama, but his culture's recollection of ritual sacrifice shapes his play and underlies its structure.
Interestingly, Harvey observes that the earliest Christians demonstrated a notable "austerity" in their "olfactory piety," and she connects this abstemiousness to the well-recognized cultural connection between incense and ritual sacrifice.
The ritual sacrifice of a snow-white llama symbolically marked Morales' nationalization of the tin smelter on Feb.
Bush would gain by giving GOP Members a ritual sacrifice would be offset by the costs of putting even more Administration blood in the water.
But had he stood up to the mendacious PC establishment, his ritual sacrifice might have possessed a certain tragic dignity.
It should be said that Mitchell's resources have been too strained for the luxury of ritual sacrifice in recent weeks with injuries to key operators in just about every position.
This is the latest ritual sacrifice of employees by an American IT company on the market altar.
Some reports suggest that hundreds of African children in this country have been subjected to ritual sacrifice in churches.
The brethren are hoping that the concert will succeed in raising awareness of ''the pernicious threat of Roman Catholicism's plans for World domination through Jesuitical scheming and the ritual sacrifice of protestant infants''.
More problematic is the relevance of ritual sacrifice to the deaths of either Tristan or Isolde.
A covenant is made, then, through a ritual sacrifice, assuring Abram of God's faithfulness.