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Higher values were recorded for Roba 1 than New BILFA 58 under both growth conditions (Table 1).
Mombeeck and Roba have published several earlier volumes relating the activities of other German flying units.
After marriage, Roba left her job, but Sonu still worked at the same petrol pump.
Roba said that the two caught up with police scrutiny following a tip off from members of the public.
Here is briefly how ROBA works: After eliminating missing value problem and noise using any suitable method, ROBA decomposes the N x M data matrix A into a number of N x M binary elementary matrices (E.
Gyor is embraced by two rivers, the Moson Danube and the Roba, and it is very near the Austrian border so it's not by accident that it is an ideal city for meetings.
Both Roba Metal Ltd's existing headquarters and the new building are on the Arden Forest Industrial Estate just a few hundred yards apart.
The card is free to get and free to use, said Roba Whitely, Exec.
Para verter al espanol el relato, el traductor se tomo una licencia: en el original, el mago roba unas pequenas banderitas (petits pavillons) y hace volar, en la ultima frase, unas pequenas mariposas (petits papillons); aqui el revuelo es de pajaritas y pajaritos.
The company launched its Roba Dolce (Sweet Stuff) brand two years ago, marketing to caterers, college campuses, and restaurants, and small grocers.
A nefarious infomercial tycoon specializing in phony products targeted to Latino viewers gets his comeuppance in pedestrian heist comedy "Ladron que roba a ladron.
We are pleased to partner with Kerr Drug to help the uninsured in North and South Carolina better afford the prescription medicines they need to live healthier lives," Together Rx Access executive director Roba Whiteley says.