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Shale oil is extracted from hard rock layers deep underground by heating and distilling.
There is no fixed range of atmospheric pressure applied in fracking; it all depends on the depth and the exact contents of the rock layer being fractured.
2] would leak into the rock layer immediately above the storage reservoir--not the atmosphere--over 1000 years.
From the top down, you will see first the organic matter of the rooting zone, then down through successive layers to the soil's rock layer.
The well was drilled to a water depth of 640 m (400 ft) and penetrated 4,240 m (13,900 ft) into the rock layer.
The process is carried out vertically or, more commonly, horizontally to the rock layer, creating new pathways to release gas or it can be used to extend existing channels.
Because of the thickness of the basalt rock layer at that depth, there's a limit to the magnitude of the quakes produced.
The Japanese company, known as JAPEX, succeeded in obtaining crude oil by pumping hydrochloric acid into a shale rock layer about 1,800 meters deep to remove limestone which clogs cracks in the rocks, the officials said.
One of the slides - a shimmering gold piece of olivine - is from the Whin Sill, a rock layer which was found half a mile below Newcastle during the recent drilling of the university's geothermal borehole.
The "blobs" were found in a rock layer called the Doushantuo Formation in south- western China.
Geologists use chemical tests to figure out the age of each rock layer, and consider anything entombed inside to be the same age.
Andre Sougarret, head of the rescue operation, Andre Sougarret, said: "There are still 100 metres to go and we are approaching a difficult rock layer.