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Traps for containing the oil are mainly of two types, either structural, like an anticline, or convex upward sequence of rock strata, or strata against a fault, or stratigraphic, like when rock composition changes from shale to sandstone.
Jacky painted the ceiling and top of the walls with rock strata, added a coal seam, and created a time line of mining history with figures and equipment from the early 1800s to modern machinery.
HUGE natural voids in the rock strata in our area could help solve the UK's gas supply problems, according to the Tory party.
Greenery lines the river on both sides as reddish-orange and yellow rock strata rise from the banks.
For the past four years, I have been leading a project with colleague Michael Ryan from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to collect dinosaurs from poorly known rock strata in southern Alberta--the Milk River Formation and the lower Belly River Group.
Geophysical logging of existing bore holes - various tools that collect data on the physical and mineralogical characteristics of the in-place rock strata, using holes previously drilled for oil and natural gas exploration and production;
Off the ice A comprehensive record of sea level variations between 542 million and 251 million years ago, compiled from rock strata (one shown right), reveals fluctuations that could have been caused by geological processes other than the formation of massive, land-based ice sheets (SN Online: 10/2/08).
One can personally examine the actual physical sequence of rock strata with their fossils, starting, for example, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and continuing up onto the Colorado Plateau at Bryce Canyon.
Today, Warwickshire is a green, mild and relatively comfortable place to live, but Mr Radley believes this has not always been the case, with evidence all around us in the form of rock strata that make up parts of the county.
These local rock strata recently presented a logistical challenge for the stone city last year, as it planned for a 7,200-foot line extension of its water utilities.
The 800-foot-deep canyon exposes brilliant and breathtaking multicolored rock strata not soon forgotten.
Look out for curlew and the quirky shapes into which the rock strata of the low cliffs have been carved by the sea.