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ROD. A measure sixteen feet and a half long; a perch.

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As for her hidden talent, Holland Roden revealed that she can do the "double-jointed, three-loops-with-your-tongue circus trick.
Mr Roden said: "We will be encouraging students to each study at least one core A level subject such as chemistry, physics, maths or English literature - subjects we know that are well regarded by the best universities.
David Maslen and David Roden are two talented and respected individuals," commented Mr.
Focusing on two to four bars of music per work, Roden proceeds note by note, laying down the corresponding formal components.
Roden said: "I think Steve has earned another shot at the British title and that's what I'll be telling the board at their next meeting.
Roden, 40, of Newport, and Michael Attwooll argue their 1995 convictions for two brutal killings in Risca, South Wales, are unsafe.
In Personnel Today's Top 40 Power Players list for 2005, Roden pipped Clare Chapman, Tesco's HR director, and Andrew Foster, HR director of the NHS, to the title.
1 -- 2) Peter Van Roden, left, vice president of Sesame Workshop themed entertainment, and Joe Zenas, executive producer of ``Sesame Street,'' meet in the Elmo's Vacation part of ``Sesame Street Presents: THE BODY exhibit,'' above.
Chow Yun-Fat, Seann William Scott, Jaime King, Karel Roden, Victoria Smurfit, Marcus Jean Pirae.
Roden of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and his colleagues found, 10 to 15 percent had gene variations previously linked to an inherited abnormal heart rhythm called torsades des pointes.
Mary Roden says she is convinced someone has evidence that could overturn her son John's conviction.